AboutBox method
of XArrayDB
AboutBox Method (XArrayDB)
Accessing Field Values in Code
Accessing Parameter Values in Code
Add method
of Constraints
of Fields
of FilterExpressions
of NamedBookmarks
of Parameters
of PropertyExpressions
of RangeConditions
Add Method (Constraints)
Add Method (Fields)
Add Method (FilterExpressions)
Add Method (NamedBookmarks)
Add Method (Parameters)
Add Method (PropertyExpressions)
Add Method (RangeConditions)
Adding True DataControl 8 to a Visual Basic Project
AllowEarlyOpen Property
Appearance Property
of TDataLite
Appearance Property (TDataLite)
AppendColumns method
of XArrayDB
AppendColumns Method (XArrayDB)
AppendRows method
of XArrayDB
AppendRows Method (XArrayDB)
ApproxCount Property
Array Property
of TDataLite
Array Property (TDataLite)
ArrayIndexToBookmark Method
of TDataLite
ArrayIndexToBookmark Method (TDataLite)
assigning expressions to properties
AutoRefresh Constants
AutoRefresh Property
BackColor Property
of TDataLite
BackColor Property (TDataLite)
Binding Data-Aware Controls and TDataLite to the Same Standard Data Source
Binding Data-Aware Controls to a TDataLite Control
Binding TDataLite to a Data Source
Binding Your Controls to True DataControl
BOFAction Constants
BOFAction Property
of TDataLite
BOFAction Property (TDataLite)
Bookmark Property
Bookmark Property
Bookmarks and Row Numbers
Bookmarks Dialog
Bookmarks in User Events Mode
BookmarkToArrayIndex Method
of TDataLite
BookmarkToArrayIndex Method (TDataLite)
Button Enabled State
Button Properties
Button Visibility
ButtonAdd Property
of TDataLite
ButtonAdd Property (TDataLite)
ButtonBookmark Property
of TDataLite
ButtonBookmark Property (TDataLite)
ButtonCancel Property
of TDataLite
ButtonCancel Property (TDataLite)
ButtonDelete Property
of TDataLite
ButtonDelete Property (TDataLite)
ButtonEnabled Method
of TDataLite
ButtonEnabled Method (TDataLite)
ButtonFind Property
of TDataLite
ButtonFind Property (TDataLite)
ButtonFirst Property
of TDataLite
ButtonFirst Property (TDataLite)
ButtonNext Property
of TDataLite
ButtonNext Property (TDataLite)
ButtonPage Property
of TDataLite
ButtonPage Property (TDataLite)
ButtonPressed Event
of TDataLite
ButtonPressed Event (TDataLite)
ButtonQuery Property
of TDataLite
ButtonQuery Property (TDataLite)
ButtonStateChanged Event
of TDataLite
ButtonStateChanged Event (TDataLite)
ButtonUpdate Property
of TDataLite
ButtonUpdate Property (TDataLite)
CacheSize Property
CalcConditionExpression Property
CalcFields Event
of TDataLite
CalcFields Event (TDataLite)
CalcFieldsComplete Event
of TDataLite
CalcFieldsComplete Event (TDataLite)
calculated fields
CalculatedExpression Property
CallDataRead Property
of TDataLite
CallDataRead Property (TDataLite)
CallDataWrite Property
of TDataLite
CallDataWrite Property (TDataLite)
CancelUpdate Method
Cannot Bind Elements of Control Array in Visual Basic
Caption Property
of TDataLite
Caption Property (TDataLite)
ChangeInProgress Property
of TDataLite
ChangeInProgress Property (TDataLite)
Clear method
of XArrayDB
Clear Method (XArrayDB)
ColumnCount Property
ColumnCount Property
ColumnIndex Property
ColumnIndex Property
ColumnName Property
ColumnName Property
CommandTimeout Property
CommandType Property
ComparisonOperation Constants
ComparisonOperation Property
ComponentOne True DataControl 8.0
ConditionExpression property
of Constraint
of FilterExpression
of RangeCondition
ConditionExpression Property (Constraint)
ConditionExpression Property (FilterExpression)
ConditionExpression Property (RangeCondition)
ConfirmCancel Property
of TDataLite
ConfirmCancel Property (TDataLite)
ConfirmDelete Property
of TDataLite
ConfirmDelete Property (TDataLite)
Connection Pooling
ConnectionString Property
ConnectionTimeout Property
Constant and Non-String Expressions
Constant Reference
Constraint Object
Constraint Object All Members
Constraint Object Properties
Constraint Object, Constraints Collection
ConstraintExpression property
of Constraint
ConstraintExpression Property (Constraint)
Constraints Collection
Constraints Collection All Members
Constraints Collection Methods
Constraints Collection Properties
Constraints Page
Constraints Property
of Field
of TDataLite
Constraints Property (Field)
Constraints Property (TDataLite)
constraints, field
Control Property Expressions
ControlName Property
Conversion Category
ConvertEmptyToNull Property
of TDataLite
ConvertEmptyToNull Property (TDataLite)
ConvertNullToEmpty Property
of TDataLite
ConvertNullToEmpty Property (TDataLite)
Correspondence between True DataControl and True DBGrid Events
Count property
of Constraints
of Fields
of FilterExpressions
of NamedBookmarks
of Parameters
of PropertyExpressions
of RangeConditions
of XArrayDB
Count Property (Constraints)
Count Property (Fields)
Count Property (FilterExpressions)
Count Property (NamedBookmarks)
Count Property (Parameters)
Count Property (PropertyExpressions)
Count Property (RangeConditions)
Count Property (XArrayDB)
creating a data field
creating a one-to-one link
Crosstab (matrix) Data Presentation
Crosstab Page
CursorLocation Property
CursorType Property
Customizing User Interface Strings and Images
Data Access Modes
data fields
data format validation
Data Source Mode
DataMember Property
of TDataLite
DataMember Property (TDataLite)
DataMode Constants
DataMode Property
of TDataLite
DataMode Property (TDataLite)
DataRead Event
of TDataLite
DataRead Event (TDataLite)
DataSource Page
DataSource Property
of TDataLite
DataSource Property (TDataLite)
DataSourceField property
of Field
DataSourceField Property (Field)
DataSourceReadOnly Property
DataSourceRequired Property
DataSourceType Property
DataType Constants
DataWrite Event
of TDataLite
DataWrite Event (TDataLite)
Date/Time Category
DefaultColumnType property
of XArrayDB
DefaultColumnType Property (XArrayDB)
DefaultExpression Property
defining a data source
Defining Fields for User Events Mode
Defining Memory Array Fields and Filling Arrays with Data
Defining SourceRecordset at design time
Delete method
of XArrayDB
Delete Method (XArrayDB)
DeleteColumns method
of XArrayDB
DeleteColumns Method (XArrayDB)
DeleteRows method
of XArrayDB
DeleteRows Method (XArrayDB)
DesignConnection Property
DesignTimeout Property
Difference in Handling ApproximatePosition
Differences in the UserFindData event
Displaying Query Results
DisplayName property
of Field
DisplayName Property (Field)
Drag Method
of TDataLite
Drag Method (TDataLite)
EnableButton Method
of TDataLite
EnableButton Method (TDataLite)
Enabled Property
of TDataLite
Enabled Property (TDataLite)
End-User Interface Features
End-User License Agreement
EOFAction Constants
EOFAction Property
of TDataLite
EOFAction Property (TDataLite)
Error Event
of TDataLite
Error Event (TDataLite)
ErrorMsgCaption Property
of TDataLite
ErrorMsgCaption Property (TDataLite)
ErrorMsgRestore Property
Events in Creating Recordset at Run Time
Exists Property
Expression Editing
Expression Evaluation Modes
Expression Evaluation Rules
Expression Scope Levels
Feature List
Features and Techniques
Field Comparison Operation
Field Constraints
Field Function
Field Modification Modes
Field Modification Modes work only in Visual Basic
Field Object
Field Object All Members
Field Object Properties
Field Object, Fields Collection
Field Properties
Field Range Conditions
Field Validation
Field Visibility
FieldChangeComplete Event
of TDataLite
FieldChangeComplete Event (TDataLite)
FieldKind Constants
FieldKind Property
Fields Collection
Fields Collection All Members
Fields Collection Methods
Fields Collection Properties
Fields Page
Fields Property
of TDataLite
Fields Property (TDataLite)
Fields, Parameters and Expressions
Filter Event
of TDataLite
Filter Event (TDataLite)
filter expressions
FilterComplete Event
of TDataLite
FilterComplete Event (TDataLite)
Filtered Property
of TDataLite
Filtered Property (TDataLite)
FilterExpression Object
FilterExpression Object All Members
FilterExpression Object Properties
FilterExpression Object, FilterExpressions Collection
FilterExpression property
of FilterExpression
FilterExpression Property (FilterExpression)
FilterExpressions Collection
FilterExpressions Collection All Members
FilterExpressions Collection Methods
FilterExpressions Collection Properties
FilterExpressions Property
of TDataLite
FilterExpressions Property (TDataLite)
Filters Page
Find Dialog
Find method
of XArrayDB
Find Method (XArrayDB)
Fixing Problems with adUseServer
Font Property
of TDataLite
Font Property (TDataLite)
ForeColor Property
of TDataLite
ForeColor Property (TDataLite)
Format Category
Format Function
General Category
General Page
Get method
of XArrayDB
Get Method (XArrayDB)
GetBookmarkName Event
of TDataLite
GetBookmarkName Event (TDataLite)
Handling the GetBookmarkName Event
How does Licensing Work?
Identifying a Button in Code
IIF Function
Implementing Handlers for User Events Mode
Improvements Over Standard ADO Data Sources
inner link
Insert method
of XArrayDB
Insert Method (XArrayDB)
InsertColumns method
of XArrayDB
InsertColumns Method (XArrayDB)
InsertRows method
of XArrayDB
InsertRows Method (XArrayDB)
Installing Demonstration Versions
Installing True DataControl 8.0 for Active X
Invoking and Substituting Button Functions in Code
Item property
of Constraints
of Fields
of FilterExpressions
of NamedBookmarks
of Parameters
of PropertyExpressions
of RangeConditions
Item Property (Constraints)
Item Property (Fields)
Item Property (FilterExpressions)
Item Property (NamedBookmarks)
Item Property (Parameters)
Item Property (PropertyExpressions)
Item Property (RangeConditions)
Licensing FAQs
linked control
linked fields
LinkedControl Property
LinkedField Property
LinkType Constants
LinkType Property
LoadRows method
of XArrayDB
LoadRows Method (XArrayDB)
LockType Property
of TDataLite
LockType Property (TDataLite)
Logical Category
LowerBound property
of XArrayDB
LowerBound Property (XArrayDB)
Manipulating Memory Arrays in Code
ManualUpdate Property
of TDataLite
ManualUpdate Property (TDataLite)
Master Control Cannot Be Chosen From Combo Box in VC++
Master Property
Master-Detail Relationships
MaxLength Property
MaxRecords Property
Memory Array Mode
MessageExpression property
of Constraint
MessageExpression Property (Constraint)
Microsoft Access Problem with Refreshing Recordsets from Database
Mode Property
ModificationMode Constants
ModificationMode Property
Modifying Field Value Entered by the User
Modifying Field Values, Retrieving and Saving Them in the Data Source
Modifying SourceRecordset from Code
Modifying True DataControl Collections from Code
MouseIcon Property
of TDataLite
MouseIcon Property (TDataLite)
MousePointer Property
of TDataLite
MousePointer Property (TDataLite)
Move Method
of TDataLite
Move Method (TDataLite)
MoveComplete Event
of TDataLite
MoveComplete Event (TDataLite)
Name Property
of NamedBookmark
of Parameter
Name Property (NamedBookmark)
Name Property (Parameter)
NamedBookmark Object
NamedBookmark Object All Members
NamedBookmark Object Properties
NamedBookmark Object, NamedBookmarks Collection
NamedBookmarks Collection
NamedBookmarks Collection All Members
NamedBookmarks Collection Methods
NamedBookmarks Collection Properties
NamedBookmarks Property
of TDataLite
NamedBookmarks Property (TDataLite)
NameSubstitute Property
Notify property
of XArrayDB
Notify Property (XArrayDB)
Null Handling
Numeric Category
Object Model
of Constraint
of Constraints
of Field
of Fields
of FilterExpression
of FilterExpressions
of NamedBookmark
of NamedBookmarks
of Parameter
of Parameters
of PropertyExpression
of PropertyExpressions
of RangeCondition
of RangeConditions
of RowBuffer
of TDataLite
of XArrayDB
OLAP: Decision Support, Pivot Table
One-to-One Links
OpenData Event
of TDataLite
OpenData Event (TDataLite)
OpenDataComplete Event
of TDataLite
OpenDataComplete Event (TDataLite)
Optimizing Data access Performance
Orientation Constants
Orientation Property
outer link
PageSize Property
of TDataLite
PageSize Property (TDataLite)
Parameter Object
Parameter Object All Members
Parameter Object Properties
Parameter Object, Parameters Collection
Parameterized SQL
Parameters Collection
Parameters Collection All Members
Parameters Collection Methods
Parameters Collection Properties
Parameters in Expressions
Parameters Page
Parameters Property
of TDataLite
Parameters Property (TDataLite)
Password Property
Performance on Large Recordsets
Pivot property
of TDataLite
Pivot Property (TDataLite)
PivotColumnDimension property
of TDataLite
PivotColumnDimension Property (TDataLite)
PivotConnectionString property
of TDataLite
PivotConnectionString Property (TDataLite)
PivotCubeName property
of TDataLite
PivotCubeName Property (TDataLite)
PivotFieldsAllLevels property
of TDataLite
PivotFieldsAllLevels Property (TDataLite)
PivotMeasure property
of TDataLite
PivotMeasure Property (TDataLite)
PivotOpen method
of TDataLite
PivotOpen Method (TDataLite)
PivotQuery property
of TDataLite
PivotQuery Property (TDataLite)
PivotRowDimensions property
of TDataLite
PivotRowDimensions Property (TDataLite)
PooledConnectionCount Property
of TDataLite
PooledConnectionCount Property (TDataLite)
PooledConnections Property
Precision property
of XArrayDB
Precision Property (XArrayDB)
PressButton Method
of TDataLite
PressButton Method (TDataLite)
Product Profile
Property Expressions Not Working in VC++
Property Expressions Page
Property Pages
PropertyExpression Object
PropertyExpression Object All Members
PropertyExpression Object Properties
PropertyExpression Object, PropertyExpressions Collection
PropertyExpressions Collection
PropertyExpressions Collection All Members
PropertyExpressions Collection Methods
PropertyExpressions Collection Properties
PropertyExpressions Property
of TDataLite
PropertyExpressions Property (TDataLite)
PropertyName Property
query mode
query mode
Query Mode in True DataControl Lite
QueryFilter Property
of TDataLite
QueryFilter Property (TDataLite)
QueryMode Constants
QueryMode Property
of Field
of TDataLite
QueryMode Property (Field)
QueryMode Property (TDataLite)
QueryOperation Property
QuickSort method
of XArrayDB
QuickSort Method (XArrayDB)
RaiseError Method
range conditions
RangeCondition Object
RangeCondition Object All Members
RangeCondition Object Properties
RangeCondition Object, RangeConditions Collection
RangeConditions Collection
RangeConditions Collection All Members
RangeConditions Collection Methods
RangeConditions Collection Properties
RangeConditions Property
ReadOnly Property
Record Validation
RecordChangeComplete Event
of TDataLite
RecordChangeComplete Event (TDataLite)
record-level validation
Recordset Property
of TDataLite
Recordset Property (TDataLite)
RecordsetChangeComplete Event
of TDataLite
RecordsetChangeComplete Event (TDataLite)
RecordSource Property
ReDim method
of XArrayDB
ReDim Method (XArrayDB)
Redistributable Files
Refresh Method
of TDataLite
Refresh Method (TDataLite)
RefreshOnSrcChange Property
of TDataLite
RefreshOnSrcChange Property (TDataLite)
Remove method
of Constraints
of Fields
of FilterExpressions
of NamedBookmarks
of Parameters
of PropertyExpressions
of RangeConditions
Remove Method (Constraints)
Remove Method (Fields)
Remove Method (FilterExpressions)
Remove Method (NamedBookmarks)
Remove Method (Parameters)
Remove Method (PropertyExpressions)
Remove Method (RangeConditions)
Repeat Feature and Tooltips
Required Property
resetting a query filter
result mode
ResyncAfterUpdate Property
of TDataLite
ResyncAfterUpdate Property (TDataLite)
RetrieveFields Method
of TDataLite
RetrieveFields Method (TDataLite)
Retrieving and Storing Values in the Data Source
Retrieving Fields from the Data Source at Design Time
Reused (pooled) Connections
RowBuffer Object
RowBuffer Object
RowBuffer Object All Members
RowBuffer Object Properties
RowCount Property
RowCount Property
SafeMode Property
Searchable Property
SeekFlag Constants
Set method
of XArrayDB
Set Method (XArrayDB)
SetButtonPicture Method
of TDataLite
SetButtonPicture Method (TDataLite)
Setting SourceRecordset and DataSource at Run Time
SetUIString Method
of TDataLite
SetUIString Method (TDataLite)
ShowWhatsThis Method
of TDataLite
ShowWhatsThis Method (TDataLite)
SkipIfEmpty Property
SourceConnection Property
SourceRecordset Property
Specifying Expressions using VBScript
specifying field value intervals
SQLParameter Property
Standard Error Message in Field Validation
String Category
switching between query and result modes
Syntax Checking
syntax error
TData Control
TData Control All Members
TData Control Events
TData Control Events
TData Control Methods
TData Control Methods
TData Control Properties
TDataLite Control
TDataLite Control All Members
TDataLite Control Properties
TDButtonEnabledEnum Constants
TDButtonEnum Constants
TDStringEnum Constants
Technical Support
The NamedBookmarks Collection
The NameSubstitute Property Must Be Used in VC++
The RowBuffer Object
Three Kinds of Fields
Tooltips Property
of TDataLite
Tooltips Property (TDataLite)
True DataControl 8.0 Reference
True DataControl Buttons
True DataControl Context Menu
True DataControl Control
True DataControl Error Handling and Bound Controls
True DataControl Expressions
True DataControl Fields
True DataControl in Query Mode
True DataControl Lite
True DataControl Lite Control
True DataControl Objects and Collections
True DataControl Parameters
True DataControl Samples
True DataControl User Event Mode and True DBGrid Unbound Mode
Tuning True DataControl Fields For Query Mode
Tutorial 1 - Converting a Project from the ADO Data Control to True DataControl
Tutorial 1 - Using TDataLite with Bound Controls: ComponentOne TDBGrid and Other Controls
Tutorial 10 - OLAP - Decision Support, Pivot Table
Tutorial 10 - Using Filter Conditions
Tutorial 11 - Imposing Constraints and Related Issues
Tutorial 12 - One-to-One Links and Linked Fields
Tutorial 13 - One-to-One Links and Memory-Based Controls
Tutorial 14 - Creating Custom Data Sources in Code
Tutorial 15 - Query Mode (part 1)
Tutorial 16 - Query Mode (part 2)
Tutorial 2 - Crosstab
Tutorial 2 - Using True DataControl with a Database
Tutorial 3 - Using TDataLite with Memory Data
Tutorial 3 - Using True DataControl with Memory Data
Tutorial 4 - Calculated Fields and TDataLite Expressions
Tutorial 4 - Calculated Fields and True DataControl Expressions
Tutorial 5 - Automatic Updating of Control Properties by TDataLite
Tutorial 5 - Implementing Master-Detail Relationships
Tutorial 6 - A Common Example of a Master-Detail Relationship
Tutorial 6 - Using Filter Conditions and Parameters in TDataLite
Tutorial 7 - Imposing Constraints in TDataLite and Related Issues
Tutorial 7 - Parameters and Dynamic SQL
Tutorial 8 - Ad-hoc Queries Using True DataControl Range Conditions
Tutorial 8 - Query Mode in TDataLite (part 1)
Tutorial 9 - Automatic Updating of Control Properties
Tutorial 9 - Query Mode in TDataLite (part 2)
Tutorials - True DataControl
Tutorials - True DataControl Lite
Type property
of Field
of Parameter
Type Property (Field)
Type Property (Parameter)
Uninstalling Demonstration Versions
UpdateFields Method
Upgrading From Previous Versions
UpperBound property
of XArrayDB
UpperBound Property (XArrayDB)
User Events Mode
UserAddData Event
UserDeleteRow Event
UserFindData Event
UserName Property
UserReadData Event
UserWriteData Event
Using ComponentOne ActiveX Controls in the .NET Framework
Using Error Event in Field Validation
Using Memory Array Mode for Binding Controls to Variables
Using Multiple Query Fields for a Single Result Field
Using one TData Control
Using Recordset Events
Using TData in Distributed Applications (disconnected recordset support)
Using the Recordset Property
Using True DataControl as Your Data Source
Using True DataControl in Different Containers
Using True DataControl Lite
Using True DataControl Property Pages
Using True DataControl to Formulate a Query
Using True DataControl with Master-Detail (hierarchical) ADO Recordsets
Using Two TData Controls
Validation and Constraints
Value Property
Value Property
of Field
of NamedBookmark
of Parameter
of RowBuffer
of XArrayDB
Value Property (Field)
Value Property (NamedBookmark)
Value Property (Parameter)
Value Property (RowBuffer)
Value Property (XArrayDB)
ValueExpression property
of Parameter
of PropertyExpression
of RangeCondition
ValueExpression Property (Parameter)
ValueExpression Property (PropertyExpression)
ValueExpression Property (RangeCondition)
VBScript Reference
Visible property
of Field
Visible Property (Field)
What is Licensing?
WillChangeField Event
of TDataLite
WillChangeField Event (TDataLite)
WillChangeRecord Event
of TDataLite
WillChangeRecord Event (TDataLite)
WillChangeRecordset Event
of TDataLite
WillChangeRecordset Event (TDataLite)
WillMove Event
of TDataLite
WillMove Event (TDataLite)
WillOpenData Event
of TDataLite
WillOpenData Event (TDataLite)
Working with Objects and Collections
XArrayDB Members
XArrayDB Object
XArrayDB Object Constants
XArrayDB Object Methods
XArrayDB Object Properties
XArrayDB Reference
XTab property
of TDataLite
XTab Property (TDataLite)
XTabColDef Property
XTabColKey property
of TDataLite
XTabColKey Property (TDataLite)
XTabCollate property
of TDataLite
XTabCollate Property (TDataLite)
XTabColumns property
of Field
XTabColumns Property (Field)
XTabRowKey property
of TDataLite
XTabRowKey Property (TDataLite)
XTabSeparateFields property
of TDataLite
XTabSeparateFields Property (TDataLite)
ZOrder Method
of TDataLite
ZOrder Method (TDataLite)