Class: MasonryLayout


layoutEngines/masonrylayout.js, line 388

Create a new instance of masonry layout engine.

Name Type Description
options Object

An object used to init the MasonryLayout.

Name Type Default Description
columnWidth number 1 optional

The minimum width between items.

rowHeight number 0 optional

The minimum height between items.

gutter number 0 optional

The gutter between items.

keepOrder boolean true optional

Whether to keep the order of data. If false, masonry layout engine will try to fix blank nicer.

showScrollBar boolean true optional

Whether to show scroll bar.

rightToLeft boolean false optional

Indicating whether to lay out elements from right to left direction.

filterExpression string optional

A string filter expression used to filter the data collection

defaultGroupingInfo Object optional

Default group setting object, settings in group descriptor has higher priority.

grouping Object | Array optional

A single group setting object or array of group setting object user to initial groups

Name Type Description
field string optional

The column id which used to group that column

collapsed boolean optional

Whether the group is collapsed

converter Object optional

A function that is used to decide the name of grouping, it takes an parameter of cell value when calling

header Object optional

The group header settings

Name Type Default Description
visible boolean true optional

Whether the group header is visible

template string optional

The group header template

height number optional

The group header height

footer Object optional

The group footer settings

Name Type Default Description
visible boolean false optional

Whether the group footer is visible

template string optional

The group footer template

height number optional

The height of the group footer

collapseWithGroup boolean optional

whether the footer will be collapsed when the group is collapsed, if set it to false, the footer will remain visible even the group is collapsed.

groupStrategy Object optional

A group strategy object used to define the group layout strategy

rowTemplate string optional

A string start with '#'+templateID or a raw html string that represents the structure and layout of a row.

allowAsyncRender boolean false optional

Indicates whether to run asyncRender method in column.