Class: DataManagerGroup


calc/dataManager.js, line 32

Initializes a new instance of DataManagerGroup.

Name Type Description
dataManager DataManager

The DataManager that owns this DataManagerGroup.

groupDescriptor Array | Object

The group descriptor that generates this DataManagerGroup.

calcGroup Object

The CalcGroup that generates this DataManagerGroup.

parentGroup Object

The parent group of this DataManagerGroup.

Name Type Argument Description
name string

The name of this group.

collapsed boolean

The collapse status of this group.

parent DataManagerGroup <nullable>

The parent group.

level Number

The level of this group.

isBottomLevel boolean

The flag that indicates whether this group is a bottom group.

itemCount Number

The number of items in this group.

expandedItemCount Number

The number of expanded items in this group.

groups Array <nullable>

An array of DataManagerGroup that contains the group's subgroups.

groupDescriptor GC.Spread.Views.DataView.DataManager.groupDescriptor

The group descriptor which generates this group.

nodes Array <nullable>

An array of DataManagerNode that contains all the tree nodes in this group.

rootNode DataManagerNode <nullable>

The dummy root tree node of this group.

isHierarchical boolean

Indicates whether this group is a hierarchical group that contains tree nodes.

path Array

An array of indexes that indicate the path from the root group to the current group.


calc/dataManager.js, line 129


Evaluates the formula with the current group context.

Name Type Description
formula string

The string formula to be evaluated.

Returns: {*} The evaluated result.
calc/dataManager.js, line 85


Gets the child group from the relative path of this group.

Name Type Description
path Array

A array of number which indicate relative path of the child group.

Returns: {DataManagerGroup} The child group.
calc/dataManager.js, line 120


Gets all values in this group of a specified calculated column.

Name Type Description
name string

The name of the calculated column.

Returns: {Array} Return array of column values.
calc/dataManager.js, line 55

getItem(itemIndex, getAllInGroup, getAllInTree){*}

Gets the data item in this group at a specified relative index.

Name Type Default Description
itemIndex Number

Relative index for item in this group.

getAllInGroup boolean false optional

If false, the item in the collapsed group is not counted.

getAllInTree boolean false optional

If false, the item in the collapsed tree node is not counted.

Returns: {*} The data item at the specified index.
calc/dataManager.js, line 63


Gets all items in this group.

Returns: {undefined} Return array of data items.
calc/dataManager.js, line 72


Maps the relative view index to the index in the data source.

Name Type Description
itemIndex Number

Relative index in this group.

Returns: {index} The index in the data source.