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ShadowText Property

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fpSpread control


Sets or returns the text color used for the column and row headers, and static text cells when the TypeTextShadow property or TypeTextShadowIn property is set to True.



unsigned long CSpreadSheet::GetShadowText( );
void CSpreadSheet::SetShadowText(unsigned long value);

Visual Basic

[form.]fpSpread.ShadowText[ = color]


The default value for the ShadowText property is &H00000000& (black).

This setting is applied to the current sheet setting unless you first set the Sheet property to specify the sheet for which you are setting the property.

Specify the background color for the cells using the ShadowColor property. Specify the shadow color for the borders of the cells using the ShadowDark property.

Static text cells display a three-dimensional shaded effect if you set either the TypeTextShadow or TypeTextShadowIn property to True. If neither property is set to True, use the ForeColor property to specify the color of the static text cells.

Spread Designer

Choose the Sheet menu, then the Sheet Colors menu, select the Sheet Colors tab, and then choose ShadowText from the Property drop-down list box in the Sheet Settings dialog box.

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ForeColor, ShadowColor, ShadowDark, Sheet, TypeTextShadow, TypeTextShadowIn properties

DLL Correspondence

SSGetShadowColor, SSSetShadowColor functions

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