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Creating and Customizing a Static Text Cell
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Creating and Customizing a Static Text Cell


By default, static text cells display text as left aligned and aligned at the top of the cell on a single line. You can change both the horizontal and vertical alignment of the text. You can display text in the cell horizontally or vertically. If the text orientation is vertical, you can specify that text wraps from right to left or left to right. You can also rotate text 90, 180, or 270 degrees from the horizontal position.

If you want, the text in the cell can also appear on multiple lines, wrapping to succeeding lines when the text is too wide for the current line.

You can underline a letter in the text in the cell to appear as a mnemonic, as shown in the following figure.

Be aware that underlining a letter does not provide the mnemonic; you must add code to your project to provide the mnemonic if you want to do so.

You can set the background and text colors for all static text cells. Note that when you set these colors, you are also setting the colors for the header cells.

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