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Sheet Property

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fpSpread control


Sets or returns the sheet on which an operation is to occur. This property is available at run time only.



short CSpreadSheet::GetSheet( );
void CSpreadSheet::SetSheet(short value);

Visual Basic

[form.]fpSpread.Sheet[ = value%]


The Sheet property is one-based. The default value for the Sheet property is 1.

Use the Col property in conjunction with other properties to specify characteristics for a column or a block of cells, as listed in the following table, then set the properties that affect the designated cells, such as the BackColor property.

To specify . . . Set these properties . . .
A cell Col, Row
A column Col to non-zero, Row to –1
A range of columns Col, Col2
A column header Col to non-zero, Row to 0
Column headers Col to –1, Row to 0
A row Row to non-zero, Col to –1
A range of rows Row, Row2
A row header Col to 0, Row to non-zero
Row headers Col to 0, Row to –1
A block of cells Col, Row, Col2, Row2, and (sometimes) BlockMode
The entire sheet Col to –1 and Row to –1

Spread Designer

If you select a cell in the Spread Designer, the Col property is set for the column and the Row property is set for the row that contains the cell. If you select a block of cells, the Col property is automatically set for the first column in the block. If you select a column, the Col property is automatically set for the column.

For instructions about selecting portions of the sheet in the Spread Designer, see Selecting an Item in Spread Designer.

If you are using Learn Mode and work with a cell, a block of cells, or a column, the Col property is set in the generated code. For more information on Learn Mode and viewing code generated by the Spread Designer, see Using Learn Mode in Spread Designer.

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DLL Correspondence

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