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Selecting an Item in Spread Designer
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Selecting an Item in Spread Designer

Many spreadsheet properties, functions, and methods perform actions on a cell, a range of cells, a column, a row, or the entire spreadsheet. Before using these properties, functions, and methods, you must often select or specify the element you for which you want to specify characteristics.

The following table shows how to select spreadsheet elements in Spread Designer.

To select . . . Do this . . .
The entire spreadsheet Click the top-left header cell (the cell or one of the cells in the upper-left corner of the spreadsheet)
An entire row Click the row header for that row
An entire column Click the column header for that column
The specified cell Click the cell
Block of cells (in run-time mode) Allow block selections:
From the Book menu choose Block Mode. In the Book Settings dialog box, choose the Block Mode tab. Select the Blocks check box under Users Can Select.To make the selection:
Move the pointer over the cell to begin the block, press the left mouse button, then drag the pointer to select the block. Release the left mouse button when you have selected the block you want.

For more information about run-time mode, see Using Design Versus Run-Time Mode.

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