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OperationMode Property
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OperationMode Property

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fpSpread control


Sets or returns the operation mode of the sheet.



long CSpreadSheet::GetOperationMode( );
void CSpreadSheet::SetOperationMode(long value);

Visual Basic

[form.]fpSpread.OperationMode[ = setting%]


The following settings are available:

Setting Description Constant
0 - Normal (Default) Performs default sheet operations OperationModeNormal
1 - Read Only Places sheet in read-only mode
(Within this mode, there is no current active cell.)
2 - Row Mode Places sheet in row mode OperationModeRow
3 - Single Select Sets sheet to operate like a single-selection list box OperationModeSingle
4 - Multi Select Sets sheet to operate like a multiple-selection list box OperationModeMulti
5 - Extended Select Sets sheet to operate like an extended-selection list box OperationModeExtended

This setting is applied to the current sheet setting unless you first set the Sheet property to specify the sheet for which you are setting the property.

Do not use multiple-selection (setting 4 (Multi Select)) or extended-selection (setting 5 (Extended Select)) operation mode when the fpSpread control is in virtual mode (the VirtualMode property is set to True).

When the OperationMode property is set to 2 (Row Mode), the sheet exhibits the following behaviors:

When the OperationMode property is set to 3 (Single Select), 4 (Multi Select), or 5 (Extended Select), the sheet operates like a list box and it exhibits the following behaviors:

Spread Designer

Choose the Sheet menu, then the Operation menu, select the Sheet Mode tab, and then choose an option in the Spreadsheet Operation group box in the Sheet Settings dialog box.

In the Spread Designer the OperationMode property is temporarily reset to 0 (Normal) when in design mode, to assist you in the design process. When you switch to run-time mode, the sheet behaves according to the setting you have chosen for this property.

Data Type

Integer (Enumerated)

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DLL Correspondence

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