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Specifying When Buttons Appear
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Specifying When Buttons Appear


When you use combo boxes, buttons, or spin buttons in cells, you can specify when the spin button (in date, integer, or time cells), button, or drop-down arrow (in combo box cells) displays: always, only in the current cell, only in the current column, only in the current row, always in button cells, or always in combo box cells. By default, all buttons are displayed all the time.

You might want to hide buttons to keep your sheet from looking cluttered. For example, if your sheet has an entire column of combo box cells, you might want to display the drop-down button only in the current cell.

Note: When the OperationMode property is set to 2 (Row Mode) or the SSSetOperationMode function's wMode parameter is set to SS_OPMODE_ROWMODE, the button draw setting is ignored. While the row is selected and the highlight bar is visible, no buttons are drawn. While the row is being edited, all the buttons in the current row are drawn.

The setting you choose for when buttons appear is applied to all the sheets in the control.

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