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Creating Static Text (Label) Cells
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Creating Static Text (Label) Cells


Static text cells act as labels. Users cannot edit the cell, only see its contents.

You can customize how static text cells display text, including setting the text's horizontal and vertical alignment and specifying whether text can wrap in the cell. In addition, if you want to provide the appearance of providing a mnemonic character, you can underline one of the letters in the text.

  • Underlining a character in the cell does not provide the mnemonic function, only the appearance of providing a mnemonic. If you want to provide the mnemonic, you must add code to your project to do so.
  • You cannot scroll through text in a static text cell. You can resize the cell to fit the text. For more information, see Resizing Cells.

Static text cells and header cells display the same background and text colors. If you prefer, static text cells can also display the same three-dimensional appearance as header cells. You can specify the background color for the cells, as well as the color of the text, and the colors used for the three-dimensional appearance.

For a description of how static text cells validate data, see Data Validation.

In summary, you can use the following properties to customize static text (label) cells. The italicized properties are unique to this cell type. For more information on remembered properties, refer to Cell Type Settings Remembered.

TypeEllipses TypeTextPrefix TypeTextWordWrap
TypeHAlign TypeTextShadow TypeVAlign
TypeTextOrient TypeTextShadowIn

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