ComponentOne MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX: Top Tips

Top Tips

This section provides tips and tricks for using the C1MultiPage control.

      Remember always to use the ScriptManager control.

      Use image sprites in your custom visual styles to increase performance and decrease load times.

      To decrease bandwith, render only the currently selected page. This can be achieved by setting LoadOnDemand to True and AutoPostBack to True. For task-based help, see Loading Pages on Demand.

      Set visual styles on your Studio for ASP.NET AJAX control to add rich themes to your application. For task-based help, see Changing the Visual Style. For a list of visual styles, see Visual Styles.

      Use the built-in animations to add transitional effects to your Web site or Web application.

      Add easing in and easing out to make your animations smoother and more natural.

      Extend our animation library to any part of your web application, including portions that aren't ComponentOne controls. See C1MultiPage Animation and Transition Effects for a complete list of animation and transition effects.

      Update the client-side model properties and events when you don't need to perform server-side processing. The C1MultiPage control can be coded on both the client side and server side.

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