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All features of ActiveReports are available without restrictions in a Full trust environment. You can also use ActiveReports under Medium trust, but with limitations on some of the features.

Caution: Medium trust does not adequately protect your application and should not be used. For more information see MSDN link.


Feature Limitations

  1. Exporting
  2. The End User Designer and Windows Form Viewer controls require Full trust.
  3. The Picture control does not support metafiles, which require Full trust.
  4. The ImageType property of the Chart control must be set to PNG.
  5. OleObjectFormatted Text and Custom controls require Full trust.
  6. Scripting requires Full trust, so if you need to use code in reports under Medium trust, use code-based reports rather than RPX format.  
  7. WebViewer
    • Bullet and Sparkline controls of PageReports and RDLReports are not displayed in all the Viewer types.
    • Report containing the Image control of PageReports and RDLReports is not displayed properly in case of HTML type.

Recommended Development Environment for Medium Trust Tests

To set up a Medium trust environment

Open the Web.config file and paste the following code between the <system.web> and </system.web> tags.

XML code. Paste BETWEEN the system.web tags.
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<trust level="Medium"></trust>

To set up the PrintingPermission level

Most hosting providers disable the printing permissions in a partially trusted environment.

  1. Open the web_mediumtrust. config file (located in the \Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Config folder).
  2. Set the PrintingPermission level to NoPrinting.
XML code. Paste BETWEEN the system.web tags.
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<IPermission class="PrintingPermission"version="1"Level="NoPrinting"/>
Note: The default set of medium trust permissions is available in the web_mediumtrust.config.default file.
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