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ActiveReports provides a number of ways to view your report output. You have an option of previewing the report as you create it in a Visual Studio project at design time.

Previewing Reports at Design Time

ActiveReports makes it easy for you to preview your report while you are still creating it. Click the Preview tab at the bottom of the designer and see the output as it appears in a viewer. See Designer Tabs for further information.

With the in-built Viewers for Windows Forms and Web, you can view your report in any of these platforms as well in a separate viewer control.

The following topics introduce all the available report viewing options.

In this section

Windows Forms
This section explains how to view a report in the Windows Forms Viewer and demonstrates the Viewer's features, touch gestures and shortcut keys.
This section introduces the Web Viewer where you can view your report output in various types of viewers and provides key features of each viewer type.
JS Viewer
This section describes the JS Viewer and how to configure a target ASP.NET backend application with the JS Viewer.
Learn about the features available with the HTML5 Viewer.
ReportService Settings
This section describes ReportService settings used in Web Viewers.
This section describes the WPF Viewer toolbar, its additional features and how to view a report in the WPF viewer.
Medium Trust Support
Learn about the features and limitations available in Medium Trust Support environment.
Viewing Reports from Different Domains using CORS
Learn about accessing the reports from different domains using Cross-Origin Resource Sharing technology.