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We have made a number of changes and added new features since the last version of ActiveReports. Following are some of the major highlights of this release.

JS Viewer

ActiveReports now provides new generation viewer which is built on JavaScript library. Following advantages of JS Viewer can be noted in comparison to HTML5 Viewer:

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Web Designer as Component

Web Designer is now available as component in ActiveReports. Now you can embed Web Designer into any web application to create and edit reports effortlessly.

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New Chart Control

The ActiveReports now presents new Chart control that provides ease of data visualization through encodings. The encodings map the data values to graphical representations and make charts more effective and visually understandable.

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Support for converting Section reports to Page reports

The ActiveReports Import tool now allows you to convert Section reports to Page reports, in addition to RDL report which is already supported.

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Automatic Cell Merge

We have a new AutoMergeMode property for detail cells in Table and Tablix data region. This property allows merging consecutive cells with same data values depending on the previous row or column merge setting.

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GS1 QR Barcode

Now all report types support the GS1 QR barcode, which is a 2D symbol denoting the Extended Packaging URL for a trade item.

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New RichTextBox

The improved RichTextBox control now supports more tags and attributes. The other enhancement is that you can edit the HTML data in RichTextBox directly as now the control displays the HTML markup when you put it in the edit mode. 

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New FormattedText

The FormattedText control has also undergone improvements and now supports more tags and attributes. Moreover, the FormattedText control now displays the formatting of the html text directly in the Designer tab, thus you can immediately see what the text will look like at run time.

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Visual Studio and ActiveReports Designer theme integration

Now if you select a theme for your Visual Studio, this theme is automatically applied to the integrated ActiveReports Designer. The Visual Studio theme is extended to such ActiveReports Designer elements as Reports Library, Layer List, Report Explorer and Group Editor. This improvement works for Page and RDL reports opened in Visual Studio 2012 or higher.

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