ComponentOne FlexChart for WinForms
Quick Start
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This quick start guides you through a step-by-step process of creating a simple FlexChart application and running the same in Visual Studio.

Let us consider that you want to compare three different models of BMW, namely F30, 7 G11/G12 Sedan, and Z4 E89 Roadster in a specific year. The comparison is to be made in terms of three parameters, fuel efficiency in city, engine capacity, and number of cylinders in the engine.

When the number of categories to be compared is small, the Column Chart is apt to use. Here we can use the Column Chart to compare the three categories.

This tutorial assumes that the database file C1NWind.mdb is in the <SystemDocumentsFolder>\ComponentOne Samples\Common where <SystemDocumentsFolder> varies for each user and platform.

Go through the below-mentioned steps to walk through the FlexChart control quickly.

  1. Adding FlexChart to the Form
  2. Binding FlexChart to a Data Source