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An appointment represents a period of time and detailed information about events that will take place during that period of time. Appointments can span from a specified duration, such as 30 minutes, to multi-day events.



New appointments can be added or existing appointments can be edited by simply double-clicking the time of the appointment.

The Appointment dialog box is used to schedule new appointments at run time, allowing you to set a subject, location, label, start and end time, reminder, availability status, and whether the appointment is an all day event. You can also specify any resources, categories, and contacts here, as well as determine whether the appointment is private.



The Appointment dialog box can also be used to change any of the current settings of an existing appointment. Double-click an existing appointment at run time to edit it.

You can customize how you want an appointment to appear in the schedule, as well as format the Start and End dates and times within the Appointment dialog box.



Availability Status





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