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AllowCellOverflow Property
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AllowCellOverflow Property

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fpSpread control


Sets or returns whether data can overflow into adjacent empty cells.



BOOL CSpreadSheet::GetAllowCellOverflow( );
void CSpreadSheet::SetAllowCellOverflow(BOOL value);

Visual Basic

[form.]fpSpread.AllowCellOverflow[ = boolean%]


The default value for the AllowCellOverflow property is False.

This setting is applied to the entire workbook, including all sheets in the control.

When the AllowCellOverflow property is set to True,

  • When the AllowCellOverflow property is set to True, the control operates more slowly.
  • If you set the CellNoteIndicator property to either 0 (ShowAndFireEvent) or 1 (ShowAndDoNotFireEvent) and the AllowCellOverflow property to True, the cell note indicator will appear in the cell that contains the original text.
  • Cell overflow is not performed if you span or merge cells.

Spread Designer

Choose the Book menu, then the Environment menu, select the Environment tab, and then choose the Cell Overflow check box in the Book Settings dialog box.

Data Type

Integer (Boolean)

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