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Tax Property (TDBFinancialX)


Tax Property (TDBFinancialX)

The Tax property returns the value calculated by the TaxCalc method, based on the underlying value both with positive and negative values.



Read-only at run time. Not available at design time.


When the Value or the TaxRate property is set to 0, the Tax property will also return a 0. The return value for the Tax property should not exceed fifteen digits. The valid ranges are from -999999999999999 to 999999999999999, including both the integer and the decimal places.

The return value for the Tax property can differ depending on the TaxType property settings. If TaxType is set to 0-Pre Tax, the Tax property is calculated as (Value - Price). However, if set to 1-After Tax, the Tax is calculated as (Value * (TaxRate / 100)). Note that when the RateType property is set to 0-Normal, the percentage calculation will be omitted.

The final result for the Tax property can be rounded accordingly with the RoundType and the RoundDigit properties.

The rounding will be processed with the final results after all calculations are done.

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