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Customizing User Searching of Data
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You can search for data in any of the cells in the workbook by specifying the sheet and the string of data for which to search. You can also have the component display a search dialog and allow the end user to search for data. The methods and properties that relate to searching and search dialogs are part of the Spread component.

The tasks for searching include:

There are limitations to the search. Row and column headers are not searched with the search dialogs; only cells are searched. Use the SearchHeaders method to search the headers. None of the information in the sheet, column, or row object is included in the search. Not all tags are included when you search and "include tags"; only cell tags are included.

Most searches (except for the method that specifies a block range of cells) start at the specified start cell and continue to the end of the row and then start the next row at the first cell. The search continues until either the end cell or the end of the sheet.