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DataValidationType Enumeration

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Specifies the type of data validation used to validate user input.
Public Enum DataValidationType 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As DataValidationType
public enum DataValidationType : System.Enum 
CustomData validation which uses a custom formula to check the cell value.
DateData validation which checks for date values satisfying the given condition.
DecimalData validation which checks for decimal values satisfying the given condition.
InputOnlyOnly validate when user changes the value.
ListData validation which checks for a value matching one of list of values. The maximum length of a list is 255 characters.
TextLengthData validation which checks for text values, whose length satisfies the given condition.
TimeData validation which checks for time values satisfying the given condition.
WholeNumberData validation which checks for whole number values satisfying the given condition.
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