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DataRestrictions Enumeration

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Specifies the reason for an unaccepted expression or value.
Public Enum DataRestrictions 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As DataRestrictions
public enum DataRestrictions : System.Enum 
ExternalReferenceYou may not use references to other workbooks.
IntegerOnlyDecimal values cannot be used.
InvalidBetweenThe maximum must be greater than or equal to the minimum.
InvalidFormulaEnter a valid formula.
InvalidMultiReferenceThis type of reference cannot be used in a formula. Change the reference to a single cell, or use the reference with a worksheet function, such as =SUM(A1:E5).
InvalidReferenceThis type of reference cannot be used in a formula.
InvalidValueThe value (date/time) you entered is invalid.
ListSourceThe list source must be a delimited list, or a reference to single row or column.
MissingBetweenYou must enter both a Maximum and a Minimum.
NegativeValueNegative values cannot be used.
NoneIndicates that the expression is valid.
NotFoundNamedRangeA named range you specified cannot be found.
NumericOnlyThe value must be a numeric value, numeric expression, or refer to a cell containing a numeric value.
ReferenceOperatorsOrArrayConstantsYou may not use reference operators (such as unions, intersections and ranges) or array constants.
RelativeReferenceYou cannot use relative references.
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