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BuiltInStyle Enumeration

GrapeCity.Spreadsheet Assembly > GrapeCity.Spreadsheet Namespace : BuiltInStyle Enumeration
Represents all built-in styles.
Public Enum BuiltInStyle 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As BuiltInStyle
public enum BuiltInStyle : System.Enum 
Accent1The Accent[1] style.
Accent2The Accent[2] style.
Accent3The Accent[3] style.
Accent4The Accent[4] style.
Accent5The Accent[5] style.
Accent6The Accent[6] style.
BadThe Bad style.
CalculationThe Calculation style.
CheckCellThe Check Cell style.
CommaThe Comma style.
Comma0The Comma[0] style.
CurrencyThe Currency style.
Currency0The Currency[0] style.
Emphasis1The Emphasis[1] style.
Emphasis2The Emphasis[2] style.
Emphasis3The Emphasis[3] style.
ExplanatoryTextThe Explanatory Text style.
FollowedHyperlinkThe Followed Hyper-link style.
GoodThe Good style.
Heading1The Heading[1] style.
Heading2The Heading[2] style.
Heading3The Heading[3] style.
Heading4The Heading[4] style.
HyperlinkThe Hyper-link style.
InputThe Input style.
LinkedCellThe Linked Cell style.
NeutralThe Neutral style.
NormalThe Normal style.
NoteThe Note style.
OutputThe Output style.
PercentThe Percent style.
Percent20Accent1The Accent[1] style with 20% lighter.
Percent20Accent2The Accent[2] style with 20% lighter.
Percent20Accent3The Accent[3] style with 20% lighter.
Percent20Accent4The Accent[4] style with 20% lighter.
Percent20Accent5The Accent[5] style with 20% lighter.
Percent20Accent6The Accent[6] style with 20% lighter.
Percent40Accent1The Accent[1] style with 40% lighter.
Percent40Accent2The Accent[2] style with 40% lighter.
Percent40Accent3The Accent[3] style with 40% lighter.
Percent40Accent4The Accent[4] style with 40% lighter.
Percent40Accent5The Accent[5] style with 40% lighter.
Percent40Accent6The Accent[6] style with 40% lighter.
Percent60Accent1The Accent[1] style with 60% lighter.
Percent60Accent2The Accent[2] style with 60% lighter.
Percent60Accent3The Accent[3] style with 60% lighter.
Percent60Accent4The Accent[4] style with 60% lighter.
Percent60Accent5The Accent[5] style with 60% lighter.
Percent60Accent6The Accent[6] style with 60% lighter.
TitleThe Title style.
TotalThe Total style.
WarningTextThe warning text style.
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