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SheetSelectionModelEventHandler Delegate

FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model Namespace : SheetSelectionModelEventHandler Delegate
Object that raised the event
Event data (SheetSelectionModelEventArgs class)
Handles the Changed event in the selection model of the sheet.
Public Delegate Sub SheetSelectionModelEventHandler( _
   ByVal sender As Object, _
   ByVal e As SheetSelectionModelEventArgs _
Dim instance As New SheetSelectionModelEventHandler(AddressOf HandlerMethod)
public delegate void SheetSelectionModelEventHandler( 
   object sender,
   SheetSelectionModelEventArgs e


Object that raised the event
Event data (SheetSelectionModelEventArgs class)
For information on the event, refer to the Changed event.
This example creates the handler for the model.
FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.BaseSheetSelectionModel model; 
model = (FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.BaseSheetSelectionModel)fpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Models.Selection; 
model.AddSelection(0, 0, 2, 2); 
model.Changed += new FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.SheetSelectionModelEventHandler(modelSelectionModelChanged); 
private void button1Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) 
    model.AddSelection(4, 2, 2, 3); 
private void modelSelectionModelChanged(object sender, FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.SheetSelectionModelEventArgs e) 
    textBox1.Text = e.ColumnCount.ToString(); 
Friend WithEvents model As FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.BaseSheetSelectionModel

model = FpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Models.Selection
model.AddSelection(0, 0, 2, 2)

Dim h As FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.SheetSelectionModelEventHandler = AddressOf modelSelectionModelChanged
AddHandler model.Changed, h

Private Sub Button1Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    model.AddSelection(4, 2, 2, 3)
End Sub

Private Sub modelSelectionModelChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.SheetSelectionModelEventArgs)
    TextBox1.Text = e.ColumnCount.ToString()
End Sub
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