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ConditionalStyleInfo Class

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Represents a special AppearanceStyleInfo that can customize the style using the specified condition. This class cannot be inherited.
Object Model
ConditionalStyleInfo ClassConditionalStyleItemCollection ClassConditionalStyleItem Class
Public NotInheritable Class ConditionalStyleInfo 
   Inherits AppearanceStyleInfo
   Implements FarPoint.Win.ICanSerializeXmlFarPoint.Win.ISerializeSupport 
Dim instance As ConditionalStyleInfo
public sealed class ConditionalStyleInfo : AppearanceStyleInfo, FarPoint.Win.ICanSerializeXmlFarPoint.Win.ISerializeSupport  
The cell can display different styles in different conditions using ConditionalStyleInfo. For example, there is a cell that displays a number. You may want the cell to have a "Red" forecolor when the cell value is negative. You can set a ConditionalStyleInfo to the cell's Cell.Style property. The ConditionalStyleInfo should contain a ConditionalStyleItem whose ConditionalStyleItem.Operator is ConditionalStyleOperator.LessThan, whose ConditionalStyleItem.Value1 is 0, and whose ConditionalStyleItem.CellStyle is a "Red" forecolor.
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