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NumberCellType Class

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Represents a numeric cell with formatting that you can specify.
Object Model
NumberCellType ClassPicture ClassExtraRendererSettings ClassISubEditor Interface

For more information about setting the cell type, refer to Setting a Number Cell.

Number cells support 15 significant digits of precision. This is a total of all digits, including the ones to the left (integer digits) and to the right (fractional digits). For example, when you have 5 fractional digits, you limit the number of integer digits to 10 digits.

There is the possibility of floating point errors with the Double data type. For more accurate precision of large numbers or numbers with large fractional portions, consider using a currency cell (CurrencyCellType class) which uses the Decimal data type and is not prone to floating point errors.

For more information about the behavior of contents in a cell, refer to Understanding Cell Type Effects on Displaying Data.

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