ComponentOne FlexPivot for WinForms
C1.Win.FlexPivot Namespace (C1.Win.FlexPivot.4)
Inheritance Hierarchy
C1.Win.FlexPivot.4 Assembly : C1.Win.FlexPivot Namespace
ClassRepresents a custom chart control for visualizing FlexPivot data.
ClassRepresents a dialog box used to edit the properties of C1.FlexPivot.C1FlexPivotField objects.
ClassRepresents a custom grid control for visualizing FlexPivot data.
ClassProvides a complete user interface for FlexPivot applications.
ClassRepresents a control which provides a user interface for interactively transforming regular data tables into FlexPivot pivot tables.
ClassRepresents a System.Drawing.Printing.PrintDocument component that allows to print FlexPivot views.
ClassRepresents a dialog used to preview and print System.Drawing.Printing.PrintDocument objects.
ClassRepresents a dialog box used to edit the custom conditions in a C1.FlexPivot.C1FlexPivotFilter.
ClassLets users view and edit the options in a C1FlexPivotPrintDocument.
EnumerationSpecifies the type of chart to display.
EnumerationSpecifies whether a legend should be displayed.
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