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C1FlexPivotPage Class

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Provides a complete user interface for FlexPivot applications.
Object Model
C1FlexPivotPage Class
Public Class C1FlexPivotPage 
   Inherits C1BasePanel
public class C1FlexPivotPage : C1BasePanel 

The control contains a C1FlexPivotPanel on the left and a tabbed content area on the right.

The C1FlexPivotPanel allows users to select and customize the fields that should be included in the Olap analysis.

The tabbed content area contains three pages: a C1FlexPivotGrid and a C1FlexPivotChart that show the Olap analysis, and a plain grid that shows the raw data.

The control also provides a customizable C1.Win.C1Command.C1ToolBar control with commonly used commands.

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