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Adding Keyboard Support

The C1Schedule control lets you easily add keyboard accessibility to the control. You can use the AccessKey property to set how the user navigates to the schedule and through your Web site.

In the following examples you'll set the AccessKey property to s so that pressing the ALT+S key combination at run time brings the C1Schedule control into focus.

In the Designer

Complete the following steps:

1.   Click once on the C1Schedule control to select it and navigate to the Properties window.

2.   Click in the text box next to the AccessKey property and enter "s".

In Source View

In Source view add AccessKey="s" to the <cc1:C1Schedule> tag so it appears similar to the following:

<cc1:C1Schedule ID="C1Schedule1" runat="server" AccessKey="s">

In Code

Add the following code to the Page_Load event to set the AccessKey property to s:

      Visual Basic

Me.C1Schedule1.AccessKey = "s"


this.C1Schedule1.AccessKey = "s";

 What You've Accomplished

Run your application. Observe that pressing the ALT+S key combination brings the schedule into focus.

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