The C1Schedule type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method C1Schedule
Initializes a new instance of the C1Schedule web control.


  Name Description
Public method LoadPostData
When implemented by a class, processes postback data for an ASP.NET server control.
Public method RaisePostBackEvent
When implemented by a class, enables a server control to process an event raised when a form is posted to the server.
Public method RaisePostDataChangedEvent
When implemented by a class, signals the server control to notify the ASP.NET application that the state of the control has changed.
Public method RegisterRunTimeStyleSheets
Override this method if you want to render additional style sheets that will be use by control only at run-time.
(Overrides C1ThemeableControlRegisterRunTimeStyleSheets(Boolean).)
Public method RenderDesignTimeStyleSheets
Override this method if you want to render additional style sheets that will be use by control only at design-time.
(Overrides C1ThemeableControlRenderDesignTimeStyleSheets(HtmlTextWriter, Boolean).)
Public method ResolveClientUrl
Resolve Client Url for using in browser
Public method ResolveClientUrlOrResource
Resolve client url or resource name.


  Name Description
Public property AccessKey
Gets or sets the access key that allows you to quickly navigate to the Web server control.
(Overrides WebControl..::..AccessKey.)
Public property Appointments
Gets the appointments.
Public property AppointmentText
Format of text in the appointment. {0} = Start, {1} = End, {2} = Subject, {3} = Location, {4} = Reserved(not used), {5} = body, {6} = line break.
Public property AutoPostBack
Automatically posts back to server if the schedule data or properties is changed.
Public property BoldedDates
Gets the bolded day dates (days that contains appointments).
Public property CalendarInfo
The CalendarInfo manages and exposes date-related data to C1WebSchedule control.
Public property Categories
Gets the categories.
Public property ClientObjectID
Gets ID of the client side object associated with the control.
Public property Contacts
Gets the contacts.
Public property Culture
CultureInfo object. Each culture has different conventions for displaying dates, time, numbers, and other information. Neutrals cultures are not supported.
Public property DataAreaScrollTop
Indicates DataArea scroll position for Day and WorkWeek Views. Default value is -1, means that scroll top position will be adjusted to current time slot automatically.
Public property DataFilePath
Filename what will be used for saving data when C1WebSchedule in not bounded to the data base.
Public property DataStorage
Gets the C1WebScheduleStorage object.
Public property DefaultWeekViewLayout
Gets or sets the DefaultWeekViewLayout value determining currently displayed week view layout.
Public property DialogsPath
Path to folder with custom dialogs. Note if a dialog not found in this folder then control will use embedded dialogs.
Public property EditOptions
Determines the set of edit options available to the end-user.
Public property Enabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Web server control is enabled.
(Overrides WebControl..::..Enabled.)
Public property EndDayTimeM
Gets the end of working day time in minutes. Used by control internally.
Public property EscapedAppointmentText
Gets the resolved appointment text.
Public property Height
Gets or sets the height of the control. All height value minor than 300px will be ignored.
(Overrides WebControl..::..Height.)
Public property Labels
Gets the labels.
Public property MasterAppointments
Gets the master appointments.
Public property OnClientBeforeAppointmentCreate
Fires on client side before appointment create.
Public property OnClientBeforeAppointmentDelete
Fires on client side before appointment delete.
Public property OnClientBeforeAppointmentUpdate
Fires on client side before appointment update.
Public property OnClientBeforeDialogOpen
Fires on client side before dialog open.
Public property OnClientBeforeViewChange
Fires on client side before view change.
Public property OnClientCellsSelectionChanged
Fires on the client side after cells selection changed.
Public property Page
Gets a reference to the System.Web.UI.Page instance that contains the server control.
(Overrides Control..::..Page.)
Public property RecurrencePatterns
Gets the recurrence patterns.
Public property Resources
Gets the resources.
Public property SelectedDate
Gets or sets the selected date.
Public property SelectedDates
Gets a collection of DateTime objects that represent the selected dates on the C1WebSchedule control for DayView.
Public property ShowAppointmentToolTip
Gets or sets a value indicating whether show appointment ToolTip when mouse is over appointment.
Public property ShowNavigationBar
Show navigation bar at the top of the schedule view.
Public property ShowReminderForm
Gets or sets the Boolean value indicating whether the control should show the reminder form when a reminder alerts.
Public property ShowStatusBar
Show status bar at the bottom of the schedule view.
Public property ShowViewSelectionBar
Show the view selection bar at the top of the control.
Public property ShowWorkTimeOnly
Gets or sets a value indicating if the control should show only working hours in a Day View.
Public property StartDayTime
Gets the start day time. Used by control internally.
Public property Statuses
Gets the statuses.
Public property TimeInterval
Gets the TimeInterval. Used by control internally.
Public property TimeRulerFormat
Format of a text in the time ruler for the Day or HorizontalWeek view. Sample formats: ''MM.y'' HH:mm, HH:mm.
Public property TitleText
Text that will be displayed in the navigation bar. {0} = start date. {1} = end date.
Public property UniqueID
Gets the unique, hierarchically qualified identifier for the server control.
(Overrides Control..::..UniqueID.)
Public property ViewType
Gets or sets the ViewType value determining currently displayed view.
Public property Width
Gets or sets the width of the control.
(Overrides WebControl..::..Width.)
Public property WorkWeekOptionMode
Gets or sets the WorkWeekOptionMode value determining the way the work week option is displayed.


  Name Description
Public event BeforeAppointmentCreate
BeforeAppointmentCreate event. Fires before appointment create.
Public event BeforeAppointmentDelete
BeforeAppointmentDelete event. Fires before appointment delete.
Public event BeforeAppointmentUpdate
BeforeAppointmentUpdate event. Fires before appointment update.
Public event BeforeViewChange
BeforeViewChange event. Fires before view change.
Public event CustomClientCall
CustomClientCall event. Fires custom client call.

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