Class Description
Public class C1Schedule

The C1Schedule is WebControl which is used to implement interactions between end-users and the scheduling application.

The main purpose of this control is to show the scheduled data (appointments) on a WebForm using one of the possible data views.

It allows appointments to be created, edited and deleted, and all other actions required by end-users to schedule their timetables to be performed.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration C1WebScheduleEditOptions
Determines the set of edit options available to the end-user.
Public enumeration DefaultWeekViewLayout
Determines the default week view layout, either Horiontal or Vertical.
Public enumeration NavigationButtonsPosition
Determines where NavigationBar will place navigation buttons.
Public enumeration ScheduleViewEnum
Determines the type of view to display in the C1Schedule control.
Public enumeration WeekViewStyleEnum
Determines the type of week view to display in the C1Schedule control.
Public enumeration WorkWeekOptionMode
Represents the way to show or hide the work week view option in the view selection bar.