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Public Methods
Public MethodAdds the specified Bookmark object to the collection.  
Public MethodRemoves all bookmarks from the collection.  
Public Method

Determines whether the specified bookmark object exists in the collection.

Public MethodCopies the Bookmarks collection from the specified report to a Bookmarks collection at the specified index.  
Public MethodReleases the BookmarksCollection instance from memory.  
Public MethodLoads the Bookmark objects into the Windows Forms TreeView control.  
Public MethodReturns the index of the specified Bookmark object in the collection.  
Public MethodInserts the specified Bookmark object at the specified index in the collection.  
Public MethodRemoves the specified Bookmark object from the collection.  
Public MethodRemoves the Bookmark object at the specified index from the collection. (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
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