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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.Section Namespace
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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.v12 Assembly : GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.Section Namespace
The GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.Section Namespace contains various classes that can be set in the report document.
ClassControls how a document is printed.
ClassSpecifies a named location in the report document or page that can be reached by name using hyperlinks or using the table of contents outline tree.
ClassSpecifies a collection of Bookmark objects.
ClassUsed to specify the printed page margins.
ClassRepresents a printed page in the report document.
ClassProvides extension methods for Page
ClassManages a set of pages in the Document object.
ClassSetMinCondenseRate canvas item
ClassProvide local factory which create own instances of StringFormat.GenericDefault and StringFormat.GenericTypographic, independent of changes in GDI+ StringFormat getter factories.
ClassText bounds range canvas item
ClassSpecifies the arguments of a downloadError event.
ClassSpecifies the look of hyperlinks and the controls that host them in the Viewer control.
DelegateRepresents the method that will handle the downloadError event of a Document.
EnumerationSpecifies the background style when using the low level page drawing APIs.
EnumerationSpecifies the orientation of a page when rendered to the printer.
EnumerationSpecifies the pen style used to draw lines on a page.
EnumerationSpecifies the file format used to save the report document.
EnumerationSpecifies tab stop types.
EnumerationSpecifies the compression type used to save the report document.
EnumerationSpecifies the horizontal alignment of text within the control area.
EnumerationSpecifies how to justify text when the TextAlignment property is set to Justify.
EnumerationSpecifies the document measurement units when using low level drawing API on a document page.
EnumerationSpecifies the vertical alignment of text within the control area.
EnumerationSpecifies whether the text is written from left to right or right to left.

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