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Comment class
Represents a comment.
var instance = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Comments.Comment(text);
function Comment;
Inheritance Hierarchy


public ConstructorComment ConstructorRepresents a comment.  
public MethodautoSizeGets or sets whether the comment automatically sizes based on its content.  
public MethodbackColorGets or sets the background color of the comment.  
public MethodborderColorGets or sets the border color for the comment.  
public MethodborderStyleGets or sets the border style for the comment.  
public MethodborderWidthGets or sets the border width for the comment.  
public MethodcommentStateGets or sets the state of the comment.  
public MethoddisplayModeGets or sets the display mode for the comment.  
public MethoddynamicMoveGets or sets whether the comment dynamically moves.  
public MethoddynamicSizeGets or sets whether the comment is dynamically sized.  
public MethodfontFamilyGets or sets the font family for the comment.  
public MethodfontSizeGets or sets the font size for the comment. Valid value is numbers followed by "pt" (required), such as "12pt".  
public MethodfontStyleGets or sets the font style of the comment.  
public MethodfontWeightGets or sets the font weight for the comment.  
public MethodforeColorGets or sets the text color for the comment.  
public MethodheightGets or sets the height of the comment.  
public MethodhorizontalAlignGets or sets the horizontal alignment of the comment.  
public MethodlocationGets or sets the location of the comment.  
public MethodlockedGets or sets the locked setting for the comment.  
public MethodlockTextGets or sets the locked text for the comment.  
public MethodopacityGets or sets the opacity of the comment.  
public MethodpaddingGets or sets the padding for the comment.  
public MethodshowShadowGets or sets whether the comment displays a shadow.  
public MethodtextGets or sets the text of the comment.  
public MethodtextDecorationGets or sets the text decoration for the comment.  
public MethodwidthGets or sets the width of the comment.  
public MethodzIndexGets or sets the z-index of the comment.  
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