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Creating Scientific Notation Cells
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Creating Scientific Notation Cells


Scientific cells display numbers in scientific notation and offer a variety of formatting options, as shown in the following figure:

You can customize the scientific cell's formatting, as well as characteristics such as the maximum and minimum values, and data alignment and orientation.

If you want to create a cell whose numeric value is expressed as currency, as a number, or as a percent, see Creating Currency Cells, Creating Number Cells, or Creating Percent Cells.

For a description of how scientific cells validate data, see Data Validation.

In summary, you can use the following properties to customize scientific notation cells. The italicized properties are unique to this cell type. For more information on remembered properties, refer to Cell Type Settings Remembered.

TypeEllipses TypeScientificDecPlaces TypeTextOrient
TypeHAlign TypeScientificMax TypeVAlign
TypeScientificDecimal TypeScientificMin

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