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Creating Mask (PIC) Cells
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Creating Mask (PIC) Cells


Mask (or PIC) cells act as masks, limiting user entry for each item in the mask to characters sets that you specify. A sample cell is shown in the following figure.

You specify the mask using the available mask characters. If you prefer, you can left or right align the data, or center it in the cell. You can display text in the cell horizontally or vertically. If the text orientation is vertical, you can specify that text wraps from right to left or left to right. You can also rotate text 90, 180, or 270 degrees from the horizontal position.

For a description of how these cells validate data, see Data Validation.

In summary, you can use the following properties to customize mask (PIC) cells. The italicized properties are unique to this cell type. For more information on remembered properties, refer to Cell Type Settings Remembered.

TypeEllipses TypePicMask
TypeHAlign TypeTextOrient
TypePicDefaultText TypeVAlign

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