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Key Property (HolidayStyle)


Key Property (HolidayStyle)



Read-only at run time. Not available at design time.


Returns a string that uniquely identifies a member in a collection. The key for an object can be set only when adding a new style to the collection using the Add method. The styles and 3D effects cannot be renamed, once you create them.

Since the Key property is read-only, no keys can be applied directly through this property. Keys are handy for locating objects by name rather than through index numbers. Name an object the way you like and then search it with that name.

When the collection size is limited, using an index number may not be a problem, but the larger the collection becomes, the harder it becomes to remember where the object was put.

This is the default object property.

For an independent object, the Key:objects property will return an empty string. An independent style object is not a member of the collection, but is a standalone object created in code with a Dim or Set statement using the New keyword. These standalone objects can be added or inserted using the AddObj method by specifying its unique key.

If the Key property is not unique, an error will occur.

This is not to be confused with the Key:controls property of the controls.

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