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ForeColor Property (HolidayStyle)


object.ForeColor= color

Read/Write at run time. Not available at design time.


StyleSet.ForeColor is the default


Sets/returns the text color of the object text. The colors are specified as RGB values. For example, use the ForeColor property is used to specify the text color of an attribute style. Attribute styles are usually used for selecting dates, displaying trailing dates and weekday titles.

Use the ForeColor property to specify the text color to use for the HolidayStyle. When the specified holiday appears in the calendar, this color is used for the text.

The ForeColor property is used to set the text color, and is also the base color for drawing the 3D text effect of the StyleSet object.

If the Enabled property of the control is set to False, the caption text will be grayed.

This property is available to the Caption object at design time.

For the trailing dates and weekday titles, the BackColor property should use the same settings as that of the BackColor property in the StyleSet object.

Notice that the color specified in the ForeColor property is drawn on top of the StyleSet object's 3D light color which is white.

The ForeColor may be overridden in the following cases:

Selected dates in the calendar. (SelAttribute)

Displaying trailing dates in the calendar months. (TrailAttribute)

Reflecting the weekend color to the weekday title. (WeekDays().Attribute)

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