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DaysInRange Method (TDBHolidayX)

The DaysInRange method retrieves the number of holidays, weekends or working days in a specified range. This method comes in handy when you need either all of the working days or holidays in a particular range.


object.DaysInRange ([Date1], Date2, [Type])


date1 is an optional Variant(Date), that is beginning date of the range. When not specified, the date in the Value property will be used.

date2 is a required Variant(Date) that is the ending date of the range.

type is an optional constant. Specify the type of day (holidays/workdays) to retrieve. When not specified, holidays will be retrieved by default.

Valid settings for the type argument are:


Holiday (Default)





Return Value

A long integer representing the number of holidays, workdays, and so on found in the range. If 0 or greater, the call was successful; if -1, the call failed because either date1 or date2 was Null.


The span range between date1 and date2 can not be set larger than 1000 years. It may affect the speed.

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