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C1.Web.Mvc Namespace : ManualGridTile Class
Defines a class represents the tile for the manual grid layout.
Public Class ManualGridTile 
   Inherits GridTile
public class ManualGridTile : GridTile 

The ManualGridTile class provides properties used to configure the Tile rendered in ManualGridLayout. The following options for the ManualGridTile can be set using this class:

1. The drag operation for the tile can be enabled/disabled by setting the AllowDrag property.

2. The AllowHide property is used to display or hide, the hide icon used to toggle the  visibility of the tile.

3. The tile can even be displayed in the maximized state using  the AllowMaximize property. The tile can even be resized to a custom size when the AllowResize property is set to true.

4. The header of the tile is defined by using the HeaderText property and the content displayed in the tile is defined using the content property.

5. The header and toolbar of the tile can be hidden/displayed by setting the ShowHeader/ShowToolbar property respectively.

6. The ColumnSpan/RowSpam properties are used to define the number of column and rows spanned by a Tile.

7. The tiles can be positioned in specific cells by specifying the row and column index using the Row and Column properties respectively.

    .AttachManualGridLayout(mglb => mglb.Orientation(LayoutOrientation.Vertical)
        .Items(isb =>
            isb.Add().Children(cb =>
                cb.Add().HeaderText("Category Sales")
                cb.Add().HeaderText("Products Stock")
                cb.Add().HeaderText("Products Stock")
            isb.Add().Children(cb =>
                cb.Add().HeaderText("Product Details")
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