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C1.Web.Mvc Namespace : FlowLayout Class
Defines a class represents the flow layout.
Public Class FlowLayout 
   Inherits LayoutBase
   Implements ITemplate 
public class FlowLayout : LayoutBase, ITemplate  

The FlowLayout class is used to define the FlowLayout for the DashboardLayout control,  in which the tiles are rendered in either the horizontal or vertical direction. The following options for the layout can be set using the properties of this class:

1. The direction in which the tiles are rendered can be set using the Direction property.

2. The Items property is used to add the tiles to the layout.

        .AttachFlowLayout(flb => flb.Direction(FlowDirection.LeftToRight)
        .Items(isb =>
            isb.Add(ftb => ftb
            isb.Add(ftb => ftb.HeaderText("Products Stock")
            isb.Add(ftb => ftb.HeaderText("Product Details")
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