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C1.Web.Mvc Namespace : AutoGridGroup Class
Defines a class represents the group for the auto grid layout.
Public Class AutoGridGroup 
   Inherits Group
public class AutoGridGroup : Group 

The AutoGridGroup class represents a group in the AutoGridLayout and helps in retrieving the tiles contained in each group.

The group consists of tiles which are added to the group by using the Add method of the ListItemFactory class. The groups are added either horizontally or vertically depending on the orientation set for the layout.
The tiles in each group can be retrieved by using the Children property of the AutoGridGroup class.

//Adds two groups to the DashboardLayout control in the vertical orientation, with each group having different number of tiles added by expanding the columns in each group.

         .AttachAutoGridLayout(mglb => mglb.Orientation(LayoutOrientation.Vertical)
             .Items(isb =>
                 isb.Add().Children(cb =>
                     cb.Add().HeaderText(""Category Sales"")
                     cb.Add().HeaderText(""Products Stock"")
                 isb.Add().Children(cb =>
                     cb.Add().HeaderText(""Product Details"")
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