ComponentOne FlexGrid for WinForms
Using the C1FlexGrid Control > Sparkline

Sparklines are simple and highly condensed charts that are used for depicting trends and variation. These are generally positioned as an inline chart or are nested inside grids or other container controls. Line, column and winloss are some of the commonly used sparkline types. 

FlexGrid for WinForms supports displaying the sparklines in FlexGrid columns which have data of type array, list or ObservableCollection. To enable sparkline in FlexGrid column, ShowSparkline property is required to be set to True. 

By default, FlexGrid displays the Line sparkline. However, it also supports Column and Winloss sparklines which can be set using the Sparkline property of C1.Win.C1FlexGrid.Sparkline class. Apart from this, sparkline in FlexGrid also supports following features:  

Feature Property name Purpose
Axis DisplayXAxis Displays the horizontal axis.
Markers ShowMarkers Displays marker on all datapoints in a Line sparkline.
ShowFirstShowLastShowHighShowLowShowNegative Highlights first, last, highest, lowest or negative data points respectively.
Styling Styles Provides options to change the color of axis, series, markers etc., distance between bars in Column/Winloss sparklines and thickness of line in Line sparkline.  

For information on how to implement sparklines in FlexGrid, see Using Sparkline in FlexGrid.