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BuildString() Method

C1.Win.C1FlexGrid Namespace > CellStyle Class > BuildString Method : BuildString() Method
Returns a compact string representation of this CellStyle.
Public Overloads Function BuildString() As String
public string BuildString()

Return Value

A string containing the settings of all style elements defined in this CellStyle.

This method is used to persist grid styles and can be used to define and save 'skins'.

See the CellStyleCollection.BuildString and CellStyleCollection.ParseString methods.

The string returned contains definitions only for the style elements that are defined by this CellStyle. Elements inherited from other styles are not included. To build a string containing specific elements, use the BuildString(StyleElementFlags) method instead.

The code below creates a style with a custom font and background color and builds a string that represents the new style. Then it uses the string to initialize a second style.
// create style with custom font and back color
CellStyle cs = _flex.Styles.Add("s1");
cs.Font = new Font("Arial", 12, FontStyle.Bold);
cs.BackColor = Color.Beige;
// save style definition into a string
string styleDef = cs.BuildString();
// use string to initialize another style
CellStyle csNew = _flex.Styles.Add("s2");
// compare styles
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