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The C1FlexGrid control is a powerful, full-featured grid.

C1FlexGrid provides advanced features such as outline trees, cell merging, masked editing, translated combo and image lists, owner-draw cells, and automatic data aggregation.

Object Model
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Public Class C1FlexGrid 
   Inherits C1FlexGridBase
public class C1FlexGrid : C1FlexGridBase 

This class helps in enabling/disabling the following operations/behaviors for the FlexGrid control:

Grid Operations:

Row/Column Operations:

Cell Operations:

Keyboard Operations:

Edit Operations:


This code example depicts how we can initialize the FlexGrid control in bound mode and display a tooltip for each cell:

C1FlexGrid _flex;
ToolTip _toolTip;

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
   //Initialize and bind the FlexGrid control           
   _flex = new C1FlexGrid();
   _flex.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(20, 80);
   _flex.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(800,500);
   _flex.DataSource = productsTable;            

   //Bind events to use a custom editor and display the tooltip 
   _flex.StartEdit += _flex_StartEdit;
   _flex.MouseMove += _flex_MouseMove;

   //Initialize the tooltip control used to display the tooltip for each cell
   _toolTip = new ToolTip();            
private void _flex_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
   //To show Tooltip when mouse is moved over the grid. Initialize and bind the FlexGrid control
   HitTestInfo hitTestInfo = _flex.HitTest(e.Location);            
   _toolTip.SetToolTip(_flex,String.Format("Mouse is over the ({0},{1}) cell \n Cell Type is : {2}", new object[] { hitTestInfo.Row, hitTestInfo.Column ,hitTestInfo.Type}));

private void _flex_StartEdit(object sender, RowColEventArgs e)
   if (_flex.Cols[e.Col].Name == "UnitsInStock")
      //Setting the grid's Editor property
      _flex.Editor = new NumericUpDown();
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