ComponentOne FlexGrid for WinForms
KeyActionEnter Property

C1.Win.C1FlexGrid Namespace > C1FlexGridBase Class : KeyActionEnter Property
Gets or sets the action to be performed when the user presses the ENTER key.
Public Property KeyActionEnter As KeyActionEnum
public KeyActionEnum KeyActionEnter {get; set;}

By default, the grid will move the selection down to the next visible row when the user presses the ENTER key. If the grid is editable, pressing ENTER will cause the grid to enter edit mode, and pressing ENTER while in edit mode will cause the cursor to move down.

This property allows you to modify this behavior and disable cell navigation with the ENTER key, or cause it to move the selection to the next column instead of row.

Note that the KeyActionEnum.MoveAcrossOut and as KeyActionEnum.MoveAcross settings have the same effect when applied to this property. Pressing the ENTER key will move the selection within the grid, but will not move the focus to the next control on the form.

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