ActiveReports 13
Migrating from Previous Versions
ActiveReports 13 > ActiveReports User Guide > Upgrading Reports > Migrating from Previous Versions

This section explains how to migrate projects created with previous versions of ActiveReports to ActiveReports 13.

This section contains information about:

ActiveReports Version Up History
Describes the history of changes in the ActiveReports for .NET product.
ActiveReports File Converter
Describes how to migrate reports using ActiveReports file converter.
Migrating to ActiveReports 13
Describes how to migrate ActiveReports versions starting from ActiveReports 1 to ActiveReports 13.
Reference Migration
Describes how to migrate assembly (DLL) references.
License Migration
Describes how to migrate license information in a project.
ds Variable
Describes how to migrate the public variable 'ds' automatically generated by the previous version of ActiveReports.
WebViewer Migration
Describes how to migrate the WebViewer control included in ActiveReports Professional Edition.
ActiveX Viewer Migration
Describes how to migrate the ActiveX Viewer included in ActiveReports 1, 2, and 3.
Compatibility Guidelines
Describes compatibility issues between ActiveReports 13 and older versions of ActiveReports.
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