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Print Settings Exported
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Specific PrintInfo Settings

The following table summarizes the print settings that are exported when Spread exports to an Excel file. Excel uses the Spread setting for these. These properties are in the PrintInfo class.

Related Spread Property Excel Setting
Centering Center
ColEnd Ending Column
ColStart Starting Column
Footer Footer (page footer)
Header Header (page header)
Margin Margins (page margins)
Orientation Orientation (page orientation)
PageOrder Page order
PaperSize Paper size for printing; see the discussion of Paper Size Export below
RowEnd Ending Row
RowStart Starting Row
ShowColor Black and white, or color (this must be true to print images)
ShowColumnHeader Headers, printing
ShowRowHeader Headers, printing
ShowGrid Grid lines, printing
SmartPrintPagesTall Fit Height
SmartPrintPagesWide Fit Width
ZoomFactor Zoom; scaling

Paper Size Export

The paper sizes supported in Spread that can be exported to Excel are these basic paper sizes: