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PointFieldToContainer Method (Field)

GrapeCity.Win.PluginInputMan Assembly > GrapeCity.Win.Spread.InputMan.CellType.Fields Namespace > Field Class : PointFieldToContainer Method
The field coordinate System.Drawing.Point to convert.
Computes the location of the specified field point into container coordinates.
Public Function PointFieldToContainer( _
   ByVal point As Point _
) As Point
Dim instance As Field
Dim point As Point
Dim value As Point
value = instance.PointFieldToContainer(point)
public Point PointFieldToContainer( 
   Point point


The field coordinate System.Drawing.Point to convert.

Return Value

A System.Drawing.Point that represents the converted System.Drawing.Point, p, in container coordinates.
This method converts the point in the field coordinates to a new point in the container coordinates.
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