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BottomMargin Property

GrapeCity.Spreadsheet Assembly > GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.Printing Namespace > PageSetup Class : BottomMargin Property
Gets or sets the size of the bottom margin, in points.
Public Property BottomMargin As Double
Dim instance As PageSetup
Dim value As Double
instance.BottomMargin = value
value = instance.BottomMargin
public double BottomMargin {get; set;}

Property Value

A double value represents the bottom margin.
Margins are set or returned in points. Use the GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.IO.OpenXml.UnitConverter.InchesToPoints method or the GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.IO.OpenXml.UnitConverter.CentimetersToPoints method to convert measurements from inches or centimeters.
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