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PictureOrientation Property (SuperEditBase)

FarPoint.Win Assembly > FarPoint.Win Namespace > SuperEditBase Class : PictureOrientation Property
Gets or sets the orientation of the picture in the edit control.
Public Overrides Property PictureOrientation As PictureOrientation
Dim instance As SuperEditBase
Dim value As PictureOrientation
instance.PictureOrientation = value
value = instance.PictureOrientation
public override PictureOrientation PictureOrientation {get; set;}

Property Value

PictureOrientation setting that determines how the picture is oriented in the edit control

This property uses the PictureOrientation enumeration. Set this property to specify the orientation of the picture. Specify the picture to display using the Picture property.

This property is available at run time only.


Specify the alignment for the contents in a control using the AlignHorz property.

You can work with the positioning of the picture by setting the MarginTop, MarginBottom, MarginLeft, and MarginRight properties.

You can also set the PictureMargin property to specify the margin to use between the picture and the text in the control.

This example shows the use of this property with related settings of text and a picture in the same control.
control.Text = "Alignment test";
control.Picture  = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile("d:\mail16A.ico")
control.PictureMargin = 25
control.PictureOrientation = FarPoint.Win.PictureOrientation.PictureRotate90;
control.PictureTransparencyColor = Color.Blue;
control.AlignText = FarPoint.Win.TextAlign.TextLeftPictRight;
control.TextOrientation = FarPoint.Win.TextOrientation.TextTopDown;
control.Text = "Alignment test"
control.Picture = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile("d:\mail16A.ico")
control.PictureMargin = 25
control.PictureOrientation = FarPoint.Win.PictureOrientation.PictureRotate90
control.PictureTransparencyColor = Color.Blue
control.AlignText = FarPoint.Win.TextAlign.TextLeftPictRight
control.TextOrientation = FarPoint.Win.TextOrientation.TextTopDown
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